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Identifying Your Existing Guttering

We get asked the same question many times here at Plastic Supplies Direct "can you tell me what type of gutter this is?" accompanied with a photo.

Now while we have over 30 years’ experience in selling gutter systems this is not always easy with just a photo. However here are a few points that can help you recognise quickly what brand of gutter you have and then what style you have:

  1. Every gutter manufacturer in UK and even most from international companies will have their logo printed somewhere on the fittings. The first thing to do when trying to work out what brand of gutter you have is to look at a fitting from your system and search for a logo. Gutter fittings will have the code written on the outside. For down pipe fittings you may need to remove a fitting if the logo is facing the wall.
  2. Here is a handy list of logos for the most popular brands of gutter system:
  3. In some cases only part of the logos above are used.
  4. Some older brands of gutter may not have a logo but they will have a name on the fittings. These include : Hepworth, Terrain, Key Terrain, Marshall Tufflex, Rymway, Ariel and Bartol. While these brands have all been discontinued or changed, some are still compatible with current systems and some fittings we even still have in stock. Free feel to email us if you have any of these systems and we will check our discontinued stock for you.
  5. Once you have the brand of gutter, you can then work out whether it is still made, and whether there are fittings that will fit your system. If your gutter is still available it is likely we can source parts for you or at least point you in the right direction.
  6. On all gutter fittings as well as the brand logo there will usually be an item code. These normally will contain both letters and numbers. Here is a handy list of popular system codes:
    • Polypipe codes begin with: RR, RS, RM, RD, ROG, RH or RL
    • Brett Martin codes begin with: BR
    • Freeflow codes begin with: FRR, FDF, FOG or FRS
    • Osma codes begin with: 0T, 5T, 4T, 8T, 7T or 9T
  7. In all cases check for a logo to be sure.
  8. These codes are extremely useful to us for identifying the style of gutter you have. For the best possible results when replacing existing leaky gutter fittings it is always recommended using the same brand where possible. However we have added our helpful Gutter Compatibility Charts to help choose which guttering on our website will fit your existing gutters.